Vencer o ‘anjo da morte’ | xilogravura

Detalhe da matriz gravada à buril.

Vencer o ‘anjo da morte’, xilogravura de topo (pitangueira), ARBalsini, 2020 (in progress)

Overcoming the angel of death

This is one of the 72 names of god

At this time, seems like a good opportunity to meditate on that…

Nithael is another expression of this name… and 54 is its number

In kabbalah, the angel of death is not only physical death, but also about the death of initiatives, enterprises, and work, in the various spheres of life

In other words, it is about overcoming the principle of decay that acts on all things… and it is about overcoming our own desire to receive infinitely…

It seems that we must find the desire to donate in our hearts.